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  • 125cc: The Only Sensible Choice for Your First Motorbike, and Here’s Why

Okay, folks, I know I’m stirring the pot with this one, but hear me out. It’s time we settle this once and for all. If you’re embarking on your motorcycling journey, your first bike should unequivocally be a 125cc.

Yes, I can already hear the roar of the bigger engine enthusiasts. “125cc? That’s a toy, not a bike!” they’ll grumble. But let’s be clear about one thing: we’re not talking about the seasoned bikers who’ve mastered the throttle of a 1000cc beast. We’re talking about fresh-faced rookies stepping into the world of two wheels for the first time.

Do you recall the first time you drove a car? You didn’t jump into a Ferrari or a Mustang, did you? The principle is the same here. A 125cc bike is the equivalent of learning to drive in a sensible sedan — it’s manageable, forgiving, and perfect for mastering the basics.

Let’s dissect this a bit more.

1. Safety First, Egos Last:

The allure of power is understandable, but the road is not a forgiving teacher, and a bigger engine is not your friend if you’re still getting to grips with balance, clutch control, and learning to lean. A 125cc motorcycle will give you the chance to develop your road sense, perfect your cornering, and generally get a feel for two-wheeled life, all while significantly reducing the risk of an accident.

2. Pocket-Friendly, Wallet Happy:

Let’s face it. Motorbikes can be a costly passion. But with a 125cc, you’re not just buying a bike, you’re buying an economical mode of transport. You get more miles per gallon, cheaper insurance, and more affordable maintenance. It’s a win-win situation for your wallet.

3. Mastering the Basics:

Riding a 125cc bike allows you to perfect the fundamentals of motorcycling. Throttle control, clutch control, counter-steering, leaning into corners — you can learn all these skills without the intimidating power of a larger engine. The truth is, once you’ve honed your skills on a 125cc, you can ride anything.

4. City-Slicking Ease:

Bigger bikes are heavy. They’re powerful. They’re fantastic for long, open roads. But they’re a nightmare in city traffic. A 125cc bike is light, nimble, and an absolute dream to weave through traffic. It’s the perfect city commuter.

I know, I know, the lure of bigger, faster, and louder is strong. It’s a siren call that has led many a new rider astray. But there’s no need to rush. Motorcycling isn’t a race; it’s a journey. And every journey has a beginning. For motorcycling, that beginning should be a 125cc bike.

So there you have it. If you’re a rookie looking to embrace the world of motorcycling, do yourself a favor and start with a 125cc. You’ll thank me when you’ve become a seasoned rider, cruising down the highway, fully in control, with a deep understanding and appreciation of your machine.

Now go ahead, stir the pot in the comments section. I’m ready for you.

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