5 Life lessons I learned in 2017

Comfort zone

Time is valuable

Most quotes I read about successful people are that they understand every hour of every day is important. Jocko Willink from the Jocko Podcast says every second you’re either progressing or regressing. Both of these statements are true yet it’s ironic it often takes most people too long to realise, most don’t realise it until the prime of their life is gone. This isn’t to say that you should spend every hour working, or make the most of every hour away from work.


Old Mexico (pyramids) right next to Colonial Mexico (Spanish Cathedral)


I’ve definitely learned time is too valuable to spend with negative people, that sounds cliche I know. However there is some logic behind it, you’re more likely to find success on your own path or surrounding yourself with positive successful go-doers than negative minded individuals. In work times too valuable to spend chasing clients over late payments – just automate it. Another waste of time I’ve noticed over the last year is haggling with potential clients who want a trip to the moon for the price of a bus ticket. That time could be spent with people I enjoy, learning new skills or researching clients who are willing to pay for good service.

Things worth making time for 

  • Learning new skills – You never know whats around the next corner or when life is going to throw you a curveball.
  • Cooking – making your own food & avoiding processed food goes a long way, both in your mental health & long-term physical health
  • Spend time with friends & family. One of the worst punishments in prison is isolation, there’s many a good reason you should appreciate the people around you.
  • Getting/staying physically fit – Improves your overall life – makes you happier, keeps you disciplined, improves your attitude.
  • Travelling


Most people aren’t as busy as they think they are

This one I’ve realised myself using time management software and observing many a workaholic in many different industries. People love being busy and more importantly, complaining about being busy. If you don’t believe me, install this app – Rescuetime on your phone/ work/home pc.  Set a reminder to check it in a month, then forget about it until then. I guarantee you, that you don’t spend anywhere near as much time you think you do on work or productive things.

More to the point, we spend way too much time just blankly scrolling down newsfeeds like digified zombies, “liking” things we mildly agree with and creating our own echo chambers blocking or muting people whose opinions we disagree with. I don’t do new years resolutions but I will be making a conservative effort to avoid social media in general unless it’s for business.


Create more than you consume

I never thought I’d be the type of person to blog: Yet it’s a strategy I’ll use in my own business as well as here. It’s great to spread knowledge, network and ultimately create more than you consume. Whether that’s blogging, making comedy videos on youtube, gaming videos or making art. It’s important to spend more time creating than consuming for your own mental health as much as providing for others.



Never stop learning

Late in 2017 and early 2018, I gained two new certifications. Google Analytics & AdWords certification. Ultimately I took these

A) For showing clients I know what I’m talking about

B) To tune up my knowledge & learn new techniques which will ultimately save me time.

We live in the digital era where you can literally teach yourself almost anything with a youtube video. I spent a good amount of time in October learning how to take apart different car components, clean them & replace them. Would it be cheaper to take it to the mechanic – maybe if the engine failed (it had). The real success & knowledge transfer through though in knowing car parts, diagnosing problems for any future 2nd hand car purchases.

Mostly I keep learning because you never know what’s around the corner or when a new skill will come in useful. If you stopped learning when you finished school, you probably stopped living then too.

Travelling is important


You only get one go-round on this planet, so why not spend as much time exploring it as possible? Travelling isn’t as expensive as people often think it is and the benefits are vast. You learn about new cultures, see different ways of life and enjoy different climates & scenery. It’s also a big source of inspiration if you’re any kind of designer to see new scenery continually. If you’re not, it’s an inspiration to work harder & smarter to get back out there. Also important with travelling is it helps gives you perspective on life and your own problems compared to someone with real problems.

Travelling often helps you get out of your comfort zone like I did when I moved to Mexico for 6 months in August last year.


Leaving your comfort zone is the only way to make progress



Probably the most important of any life lesson.

I’ve heard many analogies of this – Joe Rogan “Conquer your inner bitch” is one worthy of being printed on a t-shirt for sure. Though I’ve experienced this in different ways although this I can admit I learned before 2017,

  • Approaching my first client – making that sale.
  • Learning to ride a motorbike in a mixture of sheer terror and happy adrenaline being one of the most rewarding things you can do in life.
  • Quitting full-time employment to go self-employed and the never-ending learning process of doing it all yourself.
  • Starting American Football about 3 years ago despite never being good at sports and being fairly out of shape, sticking at it and taking those lumps & bumps.

All of these ultimately helped me grow as a person and gain perspective though none were easy.


Whether it’s taking up a new sport, starting to workout, doing something that scares you or whatever it may be. It’s often the quickest way to grow as a person.

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