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#100daysofcode challenge progress update

So I decided to commit to the 100 days of code challenge in mid December and thus far it’s been pretty worthwhile as it has helped keep my focus on daily project updates and keep me on a specific project timelines.

I’ve been working on improving my fundamentals of coding since about June last year putting in some serious hours over the summer in between work projects, mostly reading, taking notes and following basic tutorials. As I’ve mostly learned as I’ve went along before now, only researching things as I needed to integrate / fix them. Now I’m taking a big picture approach to become a more ‘authentic full stack web developer’. Which involves a copious amount of spare time learning, reading, researching and practising.

The benefits however are clear as I’m getting a lot more confident in ground up coding in new languages and my skills over my old work has increased ten fold. Reading others code has becoming much easier and understanding the logic processes behind them across languages.

So being a quarter way into #100daysofcode I’ve got into the habit more of taking tutorials, learning them, rebuilding them without the step by step / challenges more so from understanding the syntax and logic steps and then trying to improve on them.

1st SideProject

My first of these apps is my “Sunrise ToDo App

Whilst admittedly the app is pretty basic in appearance and functionality, actually has a surprising amount going on in the backend and frontend as far as functionality goes, with verification checks, database resetting, if statements / forEach loops and much more.

The original tutorial designed by the App Brewery was to design this. Whilst Angela was pretty clear that she only wanted people focusing on one language at a time, I was surprised looking at the listed posts of people posting their variations that most just opted to copy the original tutorial word for word, as I personally found expanding on the project to be when I understood the functionality better.

I also took the initiative to build in CSS Flex box as I’ve been learning more CSS3 over the past few months and this seemed as good an opportunity as any and I feel like its helped the site feel a lot more responsive.

Right now I don’t consider it finished hence why its named .v3, it has some core issues like the mobile UX not being obvious that you need to click on the box next to the button before submitting with the button, the robots.txt is being added to the list every-time one of Google / bings crawlers visits, however overall, I’m happy to have expanded on the original project and I plan to add to it as I learn more.

I’ve picked up on a ton of new skills like NoSQL, Shell Bashing and more.

2nd Side Project

This side project is going to be a blog website and this project is once again, an expansion of one of the App Brewery Full Stack Web Developer projects (Which I highly recommend any of their courses as Angela is a fantastic tutor). I have completed the project already and having spent a considerable amount of time learning the logic process already with the ToDo app, I’m ready to add on some extra functionality here and try and build on this to really improve both the front end user experience and backend flow.

I spent a couple of days learning CSS the grid and I’m going to include it as I’ve found it to be really powerful and a nice way of having responsive grid elements for the posts. I’m also going to use Bootstrap and some basic JQuery mostly as a portfolio piece but I find the frontend stuff fairly easy so not going to focus TOO much time on it as its the backend stuff is the challenging and requires the most focus. The frontend for me right now is just a nice fun change of pace when I’ve spent too much time burning the mental candle.

Finally I’m going to integrate the unsplash API as part of the project, just as much for learning and seeing what’s possible when combined with everything else as it being a portfolio element of API usage.

My Last Thoughts before publishing

There really isn’t enough hours in a day!

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