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David Vaughan

Freelance Graphic | Web Designer
Creative Wavelength


 Hey there, my name is David and I’m a freelance web and graphic design hailing from County Derry / Londonderry in a tiny country named Northern Ireland. 

I’m a freelancer and work self employed under my design name Creative Wavelength. The Freelance life is tough but has its own rewards, one of which is getting to travel across the world, meeting and working with amazing clients.   

A little about me

I’m a critical thinker through and through. Approaching problems from every angle is a constant state of mind and every problem has multiple solutions, finding the best solution, not the first one is the trick to success I find. 

And how that translates to my design & development method

Pouring over analytics and stats comes easily to me but as I’ve learned in life all things in life require balance and my education background comes in design.

My philosophy and approach to design & development has allowed me to become a true full stack developer who understands the importance of an excellent front end user experience that works flawlessly in the backend. 

Great communication is what drives great projects and establishing great business partnerships is the key to success for everyone. This is why my client retention rate is high & why I’d love to talk to you too! 

What Drives me

I love watching clients grow and seeing their success as being the website developer & SEO consultant for many startups, I’m often there from the start to see the full journey and I’m there for every bump and hurdle along the way.  

About this site

I blog mostly part time because I enjoy clearing my brain of the clutter every now and again and I also enjoy sharing amazing experiences and helping people.

I’ve spent over a year in Mexico with my wife, traveled to all sorts of places from China to the United States and have most of Europe saved for future motorbike tours.

Currently,  I live in Spain and enjoy the odd road trip, though I’m spending most of my time these days trying to self teach some new languages like Spanish and Python, though if I’m being honest, talking to the computer is easier. 

If you want to get in contact with me, you can email me using the form below  

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