Hey there, my name is Dave and I’m a Marketing Director & Digital Marketing Consultant originally hailing from Ireland, Northern Ireland to be exact but let’s not talk politics… yet.

Why cwavedave?

C-Wave (Not Qwave or however most pronounce it) is a nod to my website development company, Creative Wavelength. The secondary part of that handle being self explanatory enough. Though I note the name is confusing to most, it’ll probably change.

I’ve been working Freelance and online for more years than I care to count, I was working remote and from home before it was cool or required by law.

A little about me

I’m an autodidact, I have spent countless hours finding ways to improve my crafts and I am constantly evolving. If you’re the type of person who stopped learning when school ended, I say to you you’re either not in my tribe or you haven’t found your calling yet.

If you *are* in my tribe of constant improvement, you’ll want to signup to the newsletter, CTA on the homepage, footer and every blog post on the sidebar.

About this site

I blog mostly part time because I enjoy clearing my brain of the clutter every now and again and I also enjoy sharing amazing experiences and helping people.

I’ve spent over a year in Mexico with my wife, traveled to all sorts of places from China to the United States and have most of Europe saved for future motorbike tours.

Currently,  I live in Spain and I fully intend to travel to every country in Europe for a start when I have time.