Adrian Clayborn sets Atlanta Falcons franchise record for sacks

Adrian Clayborn Franchise Record Sacks

Adrian Clayborn had himself a night

On Sunday night past (12/11/17), Adrian Clayborn set the Atlanta Falcons franchise record for sacks with a mind-blowing 6 sacks in one game. Now if you’re not a Falcons fan or a sports fan in general, you might not recognise the significance of this, however outside of John Abraham, Vic Beasley miracle season last season and the Gritz Blitz. Atlanta hasn’t really had a record of a pass rush, in fact, it’s something I would have considered the franchise cursed to always struggle with.

So imagine my surprise when Adrian Clayborn, a situational pass rusher and not even a starter on the current roster has a miracle game where he takes full advantage of a replacement left tackle and his replacement to the tune of 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.

To celebrate the occasion and being partly inspired to make something to commemorate the rare event in sporting history, I decided to whip up a quick wallpaper. The image is designed for MacBook retina (2880×1800 at 220 pixels per inch)

Wallpaper available on imgur here

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