Best places to eat in spain : 100 montaditos

Before we get started, it’s important to realise that, lists are indeed subjective and this one is no different. If you only like fine dining & exclusive wine bars, this one probably isn’t for you. If however, you’re a student or a young couple travelling across a new country or on a city break. I whole heartily recommend visiting 100 Montaditos.

So what is 100 Montaditos?

Well its pretty much in the name, though Google Translate won’t tell you that.

Montadito means small sandwich though I’d call them mini baguettes and there is at any given time, 100 variations of them being sold. Some of them you’ll love and others won’t be your cup of tea. If bread isn’t your thing, this may also be a sign this isn’t the place for you. For me personally, I love the taste, smell and texture of bread fresh out of the oven, not too crispy or soft, so its become one of my favourite places to stop by when we’re not out at Tapas bars.

What it does great

The sandwiches are ordered from 1-100 with the name of the sandwich / whats contained inside it and to order you write down the quantity of alongside the number you want to order. If your Spanish isn’t great you can just hand them the sheet but its a good way of practising your numbers. When your orders ready they’ll call out your name and you just hand them the receipt and away you go with your warm tasty sandwiches.

The food is really cheap and cheerful, all of the sandwiches are 1 euro on Thursdays and they max out at 2 euro for the fancier variations on other days but you can find plenty of good ones from 1 euro to 1.50. The food and drink is cheap and being a chain you’ll *usually* get the same experience from store to store.

What it doesn’t do great

I’m not sure this is the same for all of the franchises in the major cities or maybe we just had a bad experience because of time of year ( Christmas in Madrid) but the food was cold / lukewarm at best in the store in Madrid and for me at least, its the taste of freshly cooked bread out of the oven with nice ingredients and salsas that makes it special. The best we’ve been to so far have been in LogroƱo and Burgos.

So if you’re in Spain and you aren’t sure where to go, it’s worth stopping by in one of these places at least once for the experience. Though remember to try some of the local regions food and restaurants as they vary a lot and its worth trying everything. Just don’t eat at McDonalds, Burger King, KFC or anything else you’d get at home.


The Patatas Fritas con 4 Salsas are a great sharing piece as the chips are nice & it comes with the perfect combination of sauces which are mayonnaise, alioli, ketchup and brava.

You can view their menu online here for a better idea

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