Exploring Mexico – La Marquesa National Park

Not exactly Carrick a Rede – But the weathers a lot nicer


La Marquesa National Park is located between Mexico City and its neighbouring city Toluca and yet seems a lifetime away from either. A short drive into the mountains takes you away from the neverending city landscape into a much more natural and familiar environment if you’re from Ireland anyway.

The park provides a large variety of things to do for citizens from Mexico City & Toluca looking to get away from the city rat race. Among these are rock climbing, abseiling, horse riding, go karting and much more. The area is huge and there are multiple sections of which we explored two.

Horse riding


I had been horse riding once or twice before in my life. I’d never been horse riding in this kind of environment, however, namely warm & rough terrain. Having trained extensively in this altitude (2500m+) also it’s incredibly more taxing on the body & endurance than at sea level so I didn’t want to push the horse too much. Which didn’t seem to matter as at the first open valley we seen it took off galloping. I had been missing my motorbike having been in Mexico for 3 months so a bit of speed was appreciated.


The Horses hit the valley galloping


We took an hour slot on the horses which worked out at 300 pesos each ( around £12 per head ). There was an optional 3-hour slot at 900 pesos each with a free hour in a log cabin but we decided against it due to time constraints but having experienced the park, we decided we’d definitely come back.


Most of the trail was in a forest path


Overall the horse riding was well worth the money and everyone enjoyed the experience. I felt bad for the guide who came with us however as he walked instead of taking a horse. There were some statues along the path of cupid and love hearts, additionally there was a great view point which the guide let us stop and take a photo at.

Cupid Statue
Viewpoint at La Marquesa


Go Karting

We didn’t stay in the park all day as we’d other things to do but we did find time to take a half an hour slot of Go-Karting. It was an open-air course, being on a mountain exposed to winter & earthquakes – the track wasn’t in the best condition. However, this just added to the fun of pushing the small petrol cages around the courses as fast as we could push them.

Hand blocking camera aside, decent photo of the Go-Karts we rented for half an hour

If you’re ever staying in Mexico City for a few days I’d definitely recommend getting out to visit this park. It’s a bit colder than Mexico city so bring a hoodie or sweater if visiting in winter and the sun isn’t going to be out all day. There’s a lot to do and a lot of delicious local food with outdoor seating.

If you need directions from Mexico city – I’ve included a map below

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