Looking back at 2019


2019 has been a pretty hectic year for me and I’m sure everyone else. Here’s my brief thoughts on it, in-between learning some MongoDB



The political storm that’s been brewing for the past 3 and a half years in the United Kingdom has come to a conclusion of some sorts, thanks to FPTP (first past the post voting method) and a clear message, the Conservatives have taken a commanding majority in the UK and Brexit will no doubt occur – with the kind of Brexit, well that’s all up in the air still.

The silver lining being that Nigel Farages Brexit Party, the ERG & DUP influence are now negated as the conservative majority is that big, the downside to that is, so is everyone else’s.

Whilst a conservative majority does make the UKs negotiating standpoint better from a consistent message standpoint, it does not change the UK’s position on the world stage pre and post Brexit as far as vulnerability to its after effects.

The UK will be at a disadvantage in renegotiating past trade deals with countries globally and new ones with the United States who have already stated their terms.

Whether you voted for it or against it, I’m passed caring. I’m moving on and you should too, it’s out of our hands now. The only things I really care about now is I wish Scotland well in their bid for independence and I don’t know how things are going to play out in Northern Ireland, it looks a bit grim back there for future prospects for numerous reasons.

To me, the Union (UK) has suffered a generational fracture, one of which it might not survive. I’ve made a conscious decision to move on from it anyway.

The Move to Spain

Moving to Spain has pretty much dominated my year

It has been 7 crazy months since we moved to Spain, filled with countless KM’s travelled, sleepless nights, bureaucracy / paperwork and high and low points. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s only been 7 months and sometimes I can’t believe it’s already been 7 months, it’s a strange feeling.

Things now seem to be settled as we’re receiving the last of the vital paperwork we’ve been waiting on, the process of which has given me a whole new respect to those who pack up and move across the world. Immigration / emigration isn’t easy, it can be mentally draining and physically exhausting.

I will say overall the move feels like it’s been worth it. It’s a beautiful country with fantastic weather, well looked after public infrastructure and a recovering economy. The higher taxes are pretty much offset by the low cost of living.

The only downsides really to living in Spain as we’re both far from friends and family, which has been a mixed bag, however when you’re a married couple and one persons from Ireland and the other Mexico, this is always going to be the case for one side at minimum. Spain kind of acts like a halfway point both physically and culturally

The upside is I’ve spent a lot more time on learning new skills / programming languages and I’ve spent more time reflecting and critically thinking / planning.

Personal Achievements / Experiences

Planning and executing

In no particular order as for personally it goes something like this

  • Got Married / Had an amazing time in Mexico for a short time with some close friends and family.
  • Moved from Mexico back to Northern Ireland ( Temporarily ) then moved on to Spain. Planning in great detail, a life changing move to Spain and planning a wedding at the same time is probably one of the most challenging things we’ve had to do.
  • Lived in 2 different regions in Spain and visited at least 7 regions of Spain
  • Experienced my hottest ever summer – temperatures peaking at around 44°C  / 111.2°F which if you want perspective on just how hot that is, I was bone dry after getting out of the pool in less than 5 minutes.
  • Travelled down a bit of the Canal Du Midi in France (meh)
  • Been to a friends wedding in France
  • Bought my first LHD car
  • Seen more Castles in a couple of months than I could count on two hands. Carcassonne and Segovia probably among the highlights of these.
  • Upgraded my learning resources library to more than I’ll probably be able to get through in the next 10 years but I’ve made a fair dent in it.
  • Learnt / Learning in order of progress made – Javascript / Node.js / MongoDB / Mongoose / MySQL / Python and updated my CSS knowledge.
  • Gained some new clients
  • Learnt un poco mas Español
  • Learned to manage my time a lot better.
My year looked a bit like this

I’m not a big new years resolutions kind of person but I have started planning for 2020. It feels like it’s going to be a huge year for professional growth much in the same way 2019 has been for personal growth.

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