Optimising my skills – Google Analytics certified

google analytics certified

I, like most freelancers, learnt the majority of my industry skills being self-taught and learning by trial and error. In fact, I would be fairly honest in telling you most of the previous success I’ve had – like most self-employed individuals have been done on the fly, relying on sheer determination!

However, this isn’t a long-term solution for sustainable growth nor is it useful for mental health of intense stress of learning and re-learning for each individual required project. Which is why with Creative Wavelength, I’m putting a renewed focus on what exactly is offered and how I’m going to spend time making sure it’s the best possible service put forward.

Having established an effective design strategy for websites which have fantastic SEO, being secure with https, mobile optimised and fully speed optimised. Now I’m shifting my focus fully to advanced search engine optimisation, analytics and digital marketing. To continue my objective of offering a truly all in one website package & service plans and most importantly helping my clients achieve their real business potential without having to invest in multiple agencies.

To that end, I’ve invested in some great SEO analysing tools & social publishing tools.

In the last week, I dedicated my spare hours to studying to pass the google analytics certification and I’m happy to say I passed, in fact only failing one question out of 70! (98%)



The exam itself was fairly extensive, however thanks to the google academy which is a fantastic resource of interactive material and well-scripted videos it and even gave me 2 ‘mini’ certificates


I also received some help from Daragh Walsh and his udemy course – well namely the extra practise questions, I still watched the videos from the academy and took extensive notes.

While I’ve used google analytics for a number of years and knew most of the topics covered better than the back of my hand, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a good few new techniques, industry terms and methods of speeding up workflows.

Additionally, while I know how to use analytics, prior to receiving the certificate there was no way of showing my extensive time spent on analytics

I’ve set some personal goals – namely to pass the other google exams available but long term for the business is to become an official Google partner. Which may take some time but thats my new business goal, whats yours?


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