The difference between motivation and discipline

Motivation is your fuel

Think of motivation as fuel for your brain, it’s a great booster and when the tank gets filled up, life feels great. The feeling of motivation is like an injection of dopamine, it just boosts your whole self being.

There is a large problem with relying on motivation however. It like happinesses, is a temporary state of mind, not an ongoing one and the key mistake people make is thinking it needs to be their permanent state and to feel otherwise is a failure, this is a waste of mental resources for a fruitless battle.

Discipline is your engine.

With discipline, you build a structure to your life, with a structure, motivation has a channel and a meaning. Both require each-other but you’ll get further in life with more discipline than more motivation.

If you have a ton of fuel but an engine with absolutely no fuel efficiency, with leaks, poorly taped together with poorly performing parts, you’re not going to get great value from that fuel and that fuels not going to last very long.

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There are a million ways to get motivation, self help books sell it by the dozen. The great ones however, provide blue prints for discipline and explain the difference well. As Jocko says in the video above, you’re not going to be motivated everyday, however, you still need to show up and give it your all.

Coming next – How to build discipline

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